Our Team

Pastor Ryan Wolford, President

Pastor Will Dulworth, Vice President

Peggy May, Director

Shane Albert, Book Keeper

Mary Hillman, Secretary

Board Members & Volunteers:

Elaine Brumm
Vern & Peggy Brumm
Steve & Juanita Doty
Tabitha Fisher
Frank Pelchat
Ralph & Barb Pelchat
Ken Sackett
Scott & Mary Simmons
Harry & Ruth Winch

Thanks to the many people who donate to our pantry:

  • Our church family who donates and volunteers
  • The sewing group that meet once a week here and donate to our pantry
  • Harper Creek school district that sponsors food drives and donates to us
  • The children from First Kids Learning Center who volunteer to help stock and organize our shelves
  • And of course, South Central Food Bank who provides most of our food